In my weekly BLOG “It Starts and Ends with Management” we are constantly focusing on trying to identify characteristics that provide an environment that will allow employees to motivate themselves. The topic of Leadership represents a constant challenge to anyone, due to the endless theories that exist and will be added. “If it works, it’s good – If it doesn’t work, it’s bad” is the rule that all Managers must deal with. The following is a list of Leadership reasons:

  1. People working for you should see you as TRUSTWORTHY in all your actions.
  2. Be Enlightening through having knowledge of business and personal problems of as many employees as possible. This one step will assure the start of the trust chain – management often doesn’t
  3. Engaging – get the lady foreman on the floor to show you around and brief you on good/bad news. Set aside some time to spend with the employees (Friday Afternoons). Bring Dunkin Donuts and coffee in                  containers. Have an informal meeting with employees, make your- self visible and accessible. Be friendly and upbeat at all times.
  4. Attitude – Once I worked for a consistently crabby boss – I lasted only 8 months – before I resigned. How much was spent on me in hiring and boarding costs?
  5. Informative – make sure that HR coordinates a ton of information and creates innovative programs such as specialty training, company podcasts and the development of a total hiring package that assures the addition of “A” and replacement of “C” level employees. The key lies in trying to achieve TRANSPARENCY and Trust at all levels of the business.
  6. Employ workplace standards that result in the immediate identification of deviations and the skill of correcting that deviation at the time it happens through LEVELING, a tool that involves every Manager in the business. Scrap the annual ambush of employees called a formal written review of actions     for a period of time. Make sure that the employee feels that he has benefitted in some form from each interaction with Management. Stop being guided by numerous State and Federal Government laws, and rules created by weak “C” level Managers who are unable to confront anybody. Start Managing and showing Leadership skills – that will earn you and management the respect that is deserved. Please make sure the street of communications is a two-way fixture in your business.
  7. Try to avoid lying about the business unless you need to – due to secrecy.
  8. If the employee doesn’t feel that you and the management team are telling the truth. You can scrap the Vitality of TRUST. More than 50% of employees in U.S. don’t TRUST Management – this has to change.

Management Lessons:

Should you want to add or replace any of the above points, please feel free to do so. By no means, is the list meant to apply to everyone. I would suggest that you keep the list manageable around the number (10). The constant implementation of these points will create an environment that made our Division profitable for 16 years, and employee turnover, during this period, was limited to 3 internal promotions. In addition to working for 30yrs at GBC/ACCO, and 11 years at XEROX Corporation, the biggest fact that needs your support is the fact that all your people receive fair/equal treatment, and most importantly that all Managers are trusted and as much transparency, as possible (due to confidentiality) is provided to employees. Every time somebody says NO to make the info transparent you have to ask question of WHY?