U.S. Post Office (USPS) – #102

Having watched one of the largest office building’s in the world stay empty for a decade +, with cats as large as Coyotes taking up residence in this super office space ideally located in downtown Chicago, I am surprised to see that finally our government has made a deal with Uber, Walgreens, Ferrara Candy; they’re moving-in, as we speak, and the three tenants will occupy 1.4 million square feet of the approximate 10 million final sq. ft. that will be available. In 2009, a Brit called Davies bought the whole building for $24 million then played the land-banking game and sold it to 601 WEST for $124million in 2019 – not bad Davies was making $10 million a year for land banking. Reminds me of my one deal with the federal government, where I had the chance to buy 10M sq. ft. Post Office building for $75M, in Chicago, on Western Avenue – I couldn’t afford to waste the time to meet all the regulatory requirements – what a deal I let go by!!

We have a problem “Houston”, and the problem is easy to identify – so we think! Our elected Congress has been asked to provide $25 billion in emergency funding; a $25 billion grant for modernization projects and access to $25 billion in Treasury loans. The Postmaster General, Megan Brennan, has indicated that an additional $22 million would be needed as a result of the pandemic we are experiencing, plus the USPS could experience $54 million due to losses in normal business that has slowed down business in total.


Yes there is – Need a well planned Phase Out –Don’t Bail Out – the (USPS) all you will be doing is wasting money if Bail Outs continue. The Overall Business of the (USPS) is out of step with reality. The reason to establish a well-planned phase out is due to the fact that you have 600M+loyal employees to take care of.


Our (USPS) was replaced with Technology.

No effective planning.

Lack of marketing.

Nostalgia shouldn’t keep an obsolete agency alive.

Government kept bailing out (USPS) – STOP GOVT. – Bailouts.


Ms. Megan Brennan was a career employee who started out 33 years ago as a letter carrier and spent all her life keeping a low profile and doing whatever was necessary to keep her pension up-to-date and making sure that her pay was correct. Unless I am totally wrong, I didn’t see any evidence that the words innovation and profit were a big factor in her accomplishment.   After all, she runs a business that has income and expenses. Tough job getting things done through and with the voluntary cooperation of 600M+employees.  I am not in a position to be critical of Ms. Brennan, but I didn’t see or feel any excitement in her 33 years of achievements with (USPS). Personally, I am glad she is gone.

Now let’s look at Mr. Dejoy’s the new Post Master General qualifications:

He’s an outsider – CEO for New Breed Logistics -25 years with (NBL) which resulted in growing from 10 to 9000+ employees with this came the experience of starting a small company and creating sustained growth as well as merging with XPO Logistics in 2014. He stayed-on at (NBL) for a year to ensure a successful merger and retired in 2015. His knowledge of the industry led him to a position of being a Director on the Board of XPO. Collaborated with (USPS) in numerous dealings with Fortune 500 Companies for which he received the Highest reward for quality from the (USPS) five years in a row.

He has the industry experience to face unions & employees, create a planning process, need for innovation, reshape (USPS) into segments that can be sold, developed into unique services, and generate a profit.


If he, Mr.Dejoy, does a great job at working with the President, Congress, Business, and work with End-Users, he should develop a sound Plan of what the (USPS) would do in 2020 and for each year thereafter.

  1. He should utilize all the PUBLIC RELATIONS methods available, and then increase the staff and put them out on the road to spread the word by every PR source available.
  2. Planning is the most important part of his mission. The outline that we provide can help you stay focused, therefore, make planning easy to plan and present.
  3. Get all the employees the transparency they deserve.
  4. The objective is to harvest the innovative ideas from every employee at (USPS), Do the math: 600M X 5% = 30M X 2% = 6M ideas X 1% = 600 innovative ideas that could be used. You have just hired the “Best” consultants in the world, and we only used a 5% accountability factor.
  5. Our employees need to start to build Trust in our Managers.

We will continue to Blog about the  (USPS) in future Blogs.  If our Congress adopts an approach of only issuing critical amounts of monies as needed and not “bail-out” the (USPS) with flat amounts of money such as Megan our former Postmaster General wanted in the amount of $152 million.

Welcome aboard!