Throughout my Corporate career I hated to face daily power point presentations by staff who saw this as their one chance to show their creative abilities expressed by a set number of functions of the software that could be used to differentiate a presentation. We were so tired of sitting there and watching pages open and close in various ways, as well as bar graphs explode to indicate growth or to show unfavorable numbers in bright red. We were so bored, and often fell asleep, because the presenter was caring more about how their power point looked than the content of the message they were trying to deliver. The following lessons will provide info that control the dumbing effects that the use of power point can have on your organization.

Management Lessons:

  1. Ban power point from your workplace. That ban should be applicable to all internal meetings, but especially, when people from the outside try using power point presentations when they are trying to sell you something. Don’t let them waste your time.
  2. Solutions are very basic – start every meeting outlining the issues, providing analysis of relative data, and defining the problem or decision on the table. This document should be prepared ahead of time by the presenter and forwarded to all meeting attendees. Notes from the meeting should also be distributed,                                                                                                                along with the original listing of topics to be covered.
  3. Writing a briefing document (as opposed to slapping down a few bullet points) forces the people in your organization to think their ideas through, before expending everyone else’s time on them. This approach will make the meetings shorter and more to-the-point.

If you are still clinging on to your power point, then you might wonder what Jeff Bazos knows about growing his business by outlawing the use of power point and employing the “old is forever new” productivity approach. Should someone need to use power point slides, please have them prepared by a professional service or have your best power point person in the IT department help. Once you eliminate power point presentations,the message will be getting through.  Good luck with eliminating or minimizing power point.