Recruiting is not a primary responsibility of the HR (Human Resources) department. They can be part of the process but the key responsibilities of establishing the Initial Profile, conducting all Interviews and the Final selection steps have to be the responsibility of the Manager for whom the potential candidate will work for. You would be surprised how many Managers are not involved until the final candidate is presented to them by an HR person who has never worked in the position they are recruiting for! Yet that person is deselecting candidates based on their value systems and likes – and above all that person doesn’t work for you. Recruiting is a process that we will describe in detail in future BLOGS, but it is our intention to address the challenge of establishing a recruiting profile and to provide industry sources reflecting the growing global challenges for recruiting workers with varying degrees of experience and education.

Every Manager should assess the successful and productive employees under their span of control. Develop key characteristics and list them accordingly. Use this list to brief the person who will be screening the various sources for initial info supplied by the candidates. Neither You, nor Your staff, can afford to screen the numerous candidates that will be applying for the position via various electronic data base sources. Again, there are numerous other sources we will be discussing in future BLOGS. However, the college graduate of today takes on a different definition from the traditional one student who attends full-time, right out of high-school and lives on campus — there are only 15% of all college attendees that fit that profile. That means there are 18.5MM students attending college that have the following profile:

  • 42% -are over 24 years old
  • 38% -are enrolled part-time
  • 50% -are seeking Associate Degrees or Certificates
  • 2% -are working full-time
  • 27% -have financial dependents
  • 45% -attend Community College
  • 50% – live with parents while attending college

The above data represents a totally different outlook as to where you might need to recruit and the type of individual that you need to attract. Can your HR person assist in preparation of “success” profiles? Do they understand the need for a very special focus on developing sources from which you draw candidates, and the fact that recruiting is getting difficult in attracting qualified candidates? Or do they continue to use tried and proven formulas that are being outdated at a very rapid rate. My observations have revealed the fact that Managers are very willing to turn-over the recruiting function to HR , due to the time that implementing a solid recruiting strategy takes. Therefore, the turnover rates for each Manager, that has employees reporting to them, should be constantly show a decline, and the measurement should become a part of the objectives as well as the compensation plan. Recruiting is such a vitally important area that “IT STARTS AND ENDS WITH MANAGEMENT” plans to spend much more time on the subject. In the meantime, start developing success factors for positions that reflect characteristics of “ Winners”, not only will you be hiring more effective employees , but you will be lowering costs which will get you the attention you deserve.