The Customer is the Boss – VIII

The organization chart shown above sets the stage for you the Manager to structure your department and hopefully your organization according to the power you transmit in walking-the-walk and talking-the-talk. Too many organizations are talking about the need to serve the Customer, but fall short in their Silo driven environments in communicating this commitment to every employee in the organization and most importantly to the Customer.

1. The Present and Future Customers represent everybody’s Boss – Right Now Most Org Charts have a reverse effect – they take the Chairman & CEO and place them on top of the Organization Chart. All the employee sees-is a person who makes more and has little to do in that top box. The present Organization Chart does not reflect the burden that is being experienced by the Chairman & CEO of having to carry the whole organization on top of their shoulders and consistently pushing every department to serve the Customer.

2. This Organization Chart will be shared with Customers in proposals and all the communications they receive. The Chart once deployed will build employee pride in the products, the company, management and most importantly themselves. One of my clients adopted electronic boards in every department to start posting subjects related to the department’s key “success”
measurements such as quality, productivity, storage, shipping etc. vs set standards. These key messages represent the departments Organization Chart showing every employee’s contribution to the “Success” of the Customer, Company and their department. Can you imagine the impact that you will be making to the Customer in conveying the message of “Your Success is Our Success” and the fact that you are conveying that message to every employee.

3. Walk-the-Walk & Talk-the-Talk at every level of the organization. The Silos go away when the employees work for the Customer and the Managers now have a tool to employ in generating Trust, Loyalty, Innovation and Dedication to Excellence and Accountability.

4. The major hurdle facing management in gaining the benefits of deploying this excellent Management Tool, is the Type A reaction of top Management to being placed on the bottom of the chart even though they are being replaced at the top of the chart by their boss “THE CUSTOMER”. The resistance to changing the Organization Chart is a very big factor – MAKE IT HAPPEN.