THANKS: A GREAT 2019 AND A HAPPY 2020 -#89

Our employees extend their thanks for your dedication and support of our BLOG on a wide variety of business examples that had both happy and sad outcomes.  One idea, and you would have capitalized on the profits that accrued.  The “BLOG” is free which translates to learning about fact – verified info of what is working or not and why? Have you benefitted from any of the 2019 BLOGS?  A quick e-mail to describing your success will benefit all present and future subscribers.

As of February 1st, we will be featuring a Weekly Blog which will be focused on directing Sales Managers to success in achieving the #1 priority in a business. SALES!!  Our current solutions for Sales Managers is to relegate them to a second place priority in the Sales Office or at Headquarters – they usually report to an intermediary Manager called a VP of Sales and Marketing who lives off of their success or failure.  Thirty years of attending Board Meetings resulted in never seeing a Sales Manager present performance Data to the Board.  Yet each meeting had only VP’s representing the most important function to everyone concerned (BY THE WAY, HR WHO SHOULD PLAY A ROLE IN THE MOST IMPORTANT FUNCTION IN THE BUSINESS – RECRUITING – WASN’T THERE EITHER). Therefore, having the Sales Managers and  “It starts and ends with Management” BLOGS on the same website, makes the dual posting of a message unique, but very vital in that it places focus on different functions. The weekly BLOGS for Sales will solely be aimed at effective Sales Management actions and will only list Blogs in both categories when general management principles apply.

We have some work to do, but should be ready by Feb. 1st.  Currently we have (11) blogs that we will rearrange in proper sequence.  Here’s what you can do to increase your Sales effectiveness during the interim:

  1. Currently you take your top Sales Rep, and promote him – bad strategy.
  2. Establish a Success Profile – must have – we can help.
  3. One-on-One communications – need to define.
  4. One-Page-Plan – a must.
  5. Manage Prospects – adopt our TTR format and use system.
  6. Establish system on proper territory Management.
  7. Through SIC Codes identify prospects.
  8. Always be recruiting – have all departments enroll candidates in your Sales Manager classes.

Every week we will identify a Sales Manager strategy. Throughout the year we will keep focusing on developable people programs and strategies to insure a clear path to career opportunities and longevity of productive employees.  Please call (847-477-9465) to discuss solutions to Sales issues.

In your first effort at developing Sales Managers, you will have to get voluntary commitments to attend your class sessions outside of working hours – this fact alone will deselect a few people who are not willing to make the extra effort.  To those folks a career in Sales (hopefully in your company) will provide the success they are seeking.  In turn, only one person who meets the criteria every quarter will provide you with a bench of qualified candidates.