Carlos Ghosn Has Got Courage and Spine – #45

This will end the sad story of a successful person not having things in writing and operating with a non-transparent view towards his activities. (Both of these factors are key in Management). We have told you the story of Carlos before as he continues to struggle in a solitary cell with only visitation rights given to his lawyer. Carlos has a spine and won’t confess to being guilty on false charges, and he even offered to pay for electronic security, and an apartment in Tokyo just to get out of jail and the isolation conditions he is facing daily. His two appeals for bail were denied.

His role as Chairman and CEO of both Japanese Automobile companies (Nissan and Mitsubishi) ended one day after Nov. 19th, 2018, however the third company-Renault , did not lift a finger until they received a threat from Nissan that they were going to move to gain more control of Renault. They moved and dismissed Carlos as the Chairman the first week of February 2019. Where was French President Macron and the Unions (who owned 15% of Renault) to fight for Carlos? The Renault Board just waived his dismissal compensation that would assure them from Ghosn competing with Renault for a period of two years. Why lose money on a non-compete clause when Carlos will be sitting in Japanese jail during that period of time? They simply have no Spine at Renault, and admit that they were losing sales.

Why didn’t Ghosn receive a medal he turned Renault from 2.5 million cars at a loss in 1995 to 5.6 million profitable cars in 2016. Even after he turned over the job of CEO to Hiroto Saiukawa, he was making more money as Chairman of the Board, and that just turned the screws on of Hiroto and the Japanese Management harder. This coup was in the making for two decades because they couldn’t pull it off when business at Nissan was good. When business became a challenge in 2016 for Nissan, Hiroto saw the chance to pounce on Carlos and insure his destruction.

To this day, I can’t understand Carlos allowing a former prosecutor for the Japanese government to become his lawyer. The fix was in, and that’s why Carlos lost both appeals for bail. After. that, Carlos replaced the lawyer on February 13th because he had to be on Nissan’s and the Japanese government’s payroll. The Japanese just can’t understand why Carlos won’t confess to anything a common way out of receiving too harsh a sentence. Mr. Otsuru should have been replaced one week after he couldn’t get Carlos out on bail.

Here’s what the new lawyer said – This isn’t a case where Mr. Ghosn snuck in someplace in the middle of the night and did something on his own. These matters proceeded with the full knowledge of various executives within Nissan. Where were the internal and external auditors for these charges cover a long period of time? The Japanese management team rigged a criminal case against Mr. Ghosn which was based on facts that should have been handled inside the company.

That’s sets the stage for Mr. Hironaka (Otherwise Known as the Razor in Japan) the new lawyer. It’s too early to tell because he has to still review all the evidence in the case, but he said to the press that his “gut instinct” tells him that for sure Mr. Ghosn is innocent. Now Carlos is starting to act as the CEO and Chairman of three Auto Mfg’s. (10 million cars produced per year) by hiring the “Razor” now he has a lawyer with a spine too. No more Lemming lawyers without Spines – . We hope that this will be the end of the story and that Carlos will ride off into the Sunset his Spine intact and ready to join another automotive company and “Kick Ass and Count Names” wherever that might be. We need more
Managers with a spine that can make it happen.

Postscript: The Japanese court has just set bail for Carlos Ghosn at one billion yen (£6.8m; $8.9m) and Japanese media reports said he could be released as early as Wednesday…. it sure pays when you get the right lawyer on your team!