Relook Your Product Line and Look in Depth at all Steps of the Sale – # 82

Management Lesson:

The idea of another recommended meeting, has you thinking, who has all the time for these meetings? By no means are we suggesting that you adopt every recommendation, but if you skip too many, you could negatively affect your business. If you don’t realize that you employees are the most capable people in the industry, you are missing the biggest management opportunity to delegate assignments both to the groups or individuals.  What an opportunity to see management development in action! Not only will you have a powerful and realistic development program tackling challenges and working on real issues, you will also provide a convenient program to allow want-to-be candidates to deselect themselves by not accepting delegated assignments or doing minimal work on these assignments. The key reason for failure of these type of development programs is the allowance of time for meetings while on the job and non-participation of Senior Management. The CEO, Sr. Mgrs. and Board members have to be present when findings and recommendations are being made. You have to make time available to investigate all areas of the delegated challenge.

Now let’s get down to the situation in hand. The Czack sisters were trying to develop a startup for which they were bringing adequate talent to the table, one sister having Sales Management experience, and the second one was a working police officer. Their company Blue Wear Uniforms made a range of clothes for women officers. In her first attempt, Denise only sold four or five pair of pants that were specifically made for women officers. Tanya knew that the need was there, based on her own experience of tearing the men’s pants in a perp arrest involving jumping a metal fence. Yes, all the women officers had to wear men’s pants because there were no pants available for women officers.

The two sisters had a meeting and developed a plan that included a different approach to their target markets that included a game changing experiment. After Denise’s failure a few weeks ago, Tanya took the lead in sales at a Nashville Law Enforcement Conference as a female police officer. Cops Talk to Cops because they understand – mid shift effects – when guns get heavy and stretch your pants. She clearly stated that her pants would never stretch, plus covering a list of other quality pluses that were addressed specifically at solving women officer’s challenges experienced due to having to wear men’s uniform components. She sold 45 pairs of pants the first day of the Conference.

This changed the sales strategy at Blue Wear Uniforms to how do we hire the right police officers and area managers to sell the product line. Cops Talk to Cops – here’s where Denise’s expertise in hiring sale’s people and area managers came into play, plus designing the organizational structure that needed to be in place. Tanya focused on the role of Marketing Manager as she became the spokeswoman for the company. Her major challenge will be filling in the line to make sure that the new sales force of women police officers will have enough products to sell, and that they can make the words ONE-STOP-SHOPPING a meaningful strategy to provide the sustainable growth that they will continue to need. There are a 100M+ women police officers in the U.S. that need to experience an exciting website that they can easily navigate, and constantly get the feeling that BWU cares for each of them as individuals.

In how many new niche markets could your products provide a profitable solution?  Delegate this question to the Best folks in the industry – YOUR EMPLOYEES.