If you don’t, here’s what will happen; earlier this year a rat infestation in downtown Los Angeles near a homeless encampment led to an outbreak of typhus. Cats USA Pest Control was hired to investigate the outbreak. They came up with this conclusion – “poor sanitary conditions” including human waste and hypodermic needles created a “harborage for rodents.”  In Los Angeles County, cases alone, of flea-borne typhus has more than doubled since 2012, with 109 cases reported last year.  How many other rat cases of being germ and specific disease oriented situations that exist in LA County, and which will multiply and spread across cities and our Country?

To think, that we had eliminated these diseases from existence due to good pest control measures that were put in place many years ago.  An example of the rats spreading the problem is Sacramento which is the result of rat problems in San Francisco – 1 block from the home of our Speaker of the House – these rats traveled from S.F. to SAC in a very short period of time. The situation got so bad in SAC this summer that the agency had to close all its outdoor playgrounds to prevent children from getting sick.  The minute that the EPA took actions, the “Tree Hugger Environmentalists” took their own action by introducing a bill that would eliminate Rat Poison on the basis of it being harmful to other predators that ate Rats.

I love taking that action in order to avoid making decisions between rodent infested environments and deadly diseases that spread fast across countries and the global community. Another example of Rats being put ahead of humans.  Of course, the bill had to have its rider in that, it would exempt food factories and breweries from the ban.  Why not an exemption for Homeless Encampments?  I bet we could develop a following that would support their exemption in minutes. Low-income folks who live near homeless populations, with the exception of Nancy Pelosi, will suffer greatly and very quickly from the Rat Poison ban.

Golde’s solution for his one block long alley.When Jenny the Cat Lady went to cat heaven with her 39 Cats, we suddenly had an explosion of Rats that found out that 39 predators wouldn’t be around anymore.  The Rats could and would easily be as big as the smallest member of the 39thRegiment.  Each house has two “tree-hugger” plastic cans for garbage which would fill-up easily and allow the Rats to have great dinners and get bigger by the day – due to their ability to chew through the plastic cans.  I Took Action, and made contact with a local Police Officer who lived a few doors down from me – he knew an animal officer – and that evening he brought home 10 cats that escaped being euthanized, that day, with the officer allowing them a 50/50 chance for life due to having to survive on their own. The Rats were gone in a short time, due to becoming a part of the food chain.  No Rats – No Rat Poisoning.

It’s a wonder what can be done when we start operating like a community versus relying on the politicians – they replace metal garbage (50 Gal Oil Drums) cans with recycled plastic one’s after years of meetings.  If you have the problem identified (Use Blog #2 for the steps required), take Immediate Action.

Meanwhile, we can watch California go to the RATS.