Northwestern University – Shame – #40

As a graduate of the Kellogg School School of Management at Northwestern University I finally had a chance to catch-up with my reading materials coming from various sources. When reading my fall 2018 issue of Northwestern magazine, I came across an article in the Student Life section with a title that caught my immediate attention – “Food for Thought” which focused on The Purple Pantry whose primary purpose was to provide groceries to NU students who don’t have enough to eat.

What a shameful drive for PR attention by an 89’ PHD, Mary Deeley, who is a pastoral associate at Shell Catholic Center. Once she adopted the cause of hungry NU students, she worked with numerous campus organizations led-by-students focused on groups of folks, who were students, yet could use all the help available. She managed to eventually establish the Purple Pantry where students pick up nonperishables, fresh fruits and vegetables donated by the Northwestern community. The pantry is open one day a week or by appointment is staffed by “do-gooder” volunteer NU students, and housed at the Shell Catholic Center. It’s a shame that these hungry students had skipped a meal at least one day in a two-week period because they lacked access to food: 12% skipped meals on four or more days.

The most common barriers to food accessibility were inconvenient dining hall hours for those on campus and lack of money for those off campus. More than half of the pantry users reported that they share food with family or friends. Don’t the hunger pains of the students just rake through your body – the whole story is a joke – and Dr. Deely ought to focus on the actual homeless that are somewhat more hungry as they make their way from one-free-to-another-free
food and shelter center in our Sanctuary City (Chicago).

Yes Dr. Deeley – I can predict that you won’t go far without having more substance in YOUR PR efforts – even the shopping Bag has a big purple“N” and the items in the bag are wrapped or display a “purple” color. Why not substitute food for the costs of customizing the paper shopping bags, wrapping the individual items and displaying a purple color in the remaining packaging. I am so ashamed of this new generation that they are focused to “create” and present NU as a University that “games” every opportunity on a cause basis.

Tuition is just as expensive as it was in the days that I attended, but I wouldn’t have-been-caught-dead going to a “Purple Pantry” on the NU Campus – Shame on the Northwestern Magazine for writing this article. Facts in the article, of course, name some study of 66 colleges that uncovered the fact that more than a third of all college students experience food insecurity in a given month. What does all that uncollaborated data mean? Like I said, shame on Northwestern University!

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