As I sent copies of Blogs #91 & 93, to President TRUMP, Governor Newsome and current CEO of PG&E, I received support for my recommendations from U.S. District Judge Alsup in highlighting all the fixes I recommended in my Blogs.  He was citing PG&E for being in violation of the criminal probation following its conviction of safety violations after a natural-gas line exploded and killed eight people in 2010.  Now we can see that PG&E’s had 20 years to fix the various fire threats and avoid numerous losses of lives, assets and animals. Most importantly, a fire called Campfire – Fire in the fall of 2018 could have been avoided, but due to Management being negligent, that fire destroyed 13,983 homes, killed 85 people and thousands of animals. What happened to “IT STARTS and ENDS with MANAGEMENT”? PG&E has no management, but thousands of people are making a lot of money from these disasters.

Here is a list of things that should be done:

  1. Stay in bankruptcy – trying to pay-off all claims will deplete sources of funds. Use and explore all financial resources while under the protection of bankruptcy. Why rush to get out – PG&E doesn’t have enough money.
  2.  Get Federal, State and California Residents help.
  3. Use prison labor.
  4. Use Local Township Volunteers.
  5. Get “adopt an acre of forest program working”.
  6. Run a Referendum to allow for a one time tax payment to the citizens of the State. To include getting the money out of Fund set aside to pay for fire damage.
  7. Why should PG&E have to pay the California Public Utilities Commission $1.7 Billion settlement as a fine for its role in starting fires 2017&2018 that killed more than 100 people? WHAT NON-SENSE!! Have PG&E put up that money towards “Forest Management Practices”.
  8. Put PG&E under strong financial watch by outside Accounting/Financial firm. Get as much of this expense covered by the people that PG&E will be laying off internally.
  9. The judge also told PG&E to determine the reasons its inspectors failed to spot a specific and potential safety problem and file an explanation with the court. “Interview those specific people and find out why they didn’t find the problem” Judge Alsup said. “I want to know their names.”  Not a bad idea for prior inspectors of subsequent large fires all over the 70,000+ acres.
  10. Stop planning to do something at a later date – “DO IT NOW” – employees will   have to change from being laid back and non-accountable utility company employees to accountable and full-shift workers.

Point #10 provides the key MANAGEMENT message – can you imagine the firing and hiring and training that will have to take place at PG&E! Get your HR department strong and ready for all the changes coming.

I happen to like this Judge. Here’s what he said  “I’m going to do everything I can to protect the people of California from more death and destruction from this convicted felon called PG&E.  Let’s go to work Judge!