FAKE NEWS: It’s Global – #69

When watching the TV news, I heard AOC mention the fact that the burning of the Amazon Fires will contribute greatly to the end of the earth in a very short period of time – a decade or so. Hurricane season is upon us, so the media hysteria about the Amazon Fires has moved off the front page, and has been replaced by warming seas instead of jungle infernos.  This apocalyptic flavor-of-the-month crisis gives fake news generators a new topic to reek fear and lies about climate change that is aimed directly at President Trump and Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro.  Much of the data has been manipulated by journalists and cherry-picked to make them look like environmental villains.  The following will support the above observations:

  • “Satellite data shows Amazon rain- forests burning at record rates” United Press International shouted on August 21stof this year.
  • As of August 16th, 2019, analysis of photos by NASA indicate that fire activity across the Amazon basin this year has been close to the average in comparison to the past 15 years. There are two states that show above average activity, and two states that show below average activity.  Yet, Global Fire Emissions Database updated its site on August 22nd to say that the fire activity is the highest since 2010.  This outfit does research analysis of all NASA data.
  • Brazil has estimated that 51% of the fires occurred on properties without a title and no owner.  Another 14% of the land has been “donated “ to the landless peasant movement known by the initials MST and 13% were in conservation areas or indigenous lands.  This leaves 22% of the land being privately owned.  This suggests that most of the fire destruction took place where there was no economic incentive to protect the forests from fires – there is no private ownership.

NASA indicated that most of the fires are burning on agricultural land where the forest had been cleared, and where the farmers were preparing land for the planting season. In addition, it is the dry season, with a severe drought in the  Southern part of the country. Many people use fire to maintain their  farmland and pastures or to clear  land for other purposes.


Don’t run your business on an  apocalyptic flavor of the month – Verify all data and try to minimize  personal influence being a  management tool.