“Defecation Crisis”: Converts to Rare Diseases – #66

With rats multiplying by the thousands, and the threat of being overrun with them creating deadly diseases, the “tree hugging” S.F. city management team is banning plastic straws. As a real additional threat  “Defecation” is taking place by pets and homeless human beings in SF & LA. Let’s quantify the size of the threat – in LA 36,000 people live in the streets – in S.F. 10,000.  When you add the 150,000 pet owners in S.F., and unverifiable number in L.A., you ask the question what are they doing about the problem of pet and human waste laying on the streets? The following provides key info:

There are now at least two websites dealing with the problem.

A).  S.F. has its SF311 site which is a part of its “S.F. at your Service Program.”

B). A private site called  “SnapCrap” which allows residents to upload photos of an offending specimen directly to the SF311 site.

The objective is to alert the city’s new five- person “poop patrol,” which should follow-up to clear-up the matter.

One thing is for sure, most of the homeless people in the nation live in California. Thereare a myriad of challenges creating the situation, but there was no ‘defecation crisis’ (a term usually associated with overcrowded nations in the Far East) during the depression – with unemployment at 25% – shanty towns and Hooverville’s springing up all over.  The hobo’s and today’s homeless are different in many ways, the triple scourges of drug abuse, mental illness, and family break-downs have produced far more intense problems than those faced in the 1930’s.

In deep-blue California, “Homeless”” was originally an adjective. It became a noun and currently serves in that role to all the “tree-huggers” who feel that the appropriate term assigned to the problem will provide a solution.  Such is not the case, and unless the “tree-huggers” start acting on all the related matters NOW, California will not be the only victim of its own feces but will be responsible for all the feces across the world. Let’s remember how fast EBOLI spread – through airplanes – and the mobility of people in a vast variety of transport methodology.

Without returning to the Elizabethan poor laws, we should formulate or renew/enforce vagrancy laws under which people were not allowed to camp out on public property, much less defecate on it.  City Management needs to take action immediately, and maybe the vagrancy laws on the books need to be tuned in order to meet today’s changing societal demands.  A point to begin addressing present and future problems AND TO IDENTIFY THE REAL HOMELESS PROBLEMS.

In California people violating existing or future vagrancy should face jail time with appropriate work – utilizing their skills to help issues related to homelessness.  If the program works in California, then it can be applied to other major cities experiencing the problems that exist in CA.  Yes, there will be objections from TRADE UNIONS, but sometime they will have to become part of the solution!

Management has to focus on priorities and avoid prioritizing solutions such as plastic straw laws versus those that affect the welfare of its Customers, Employees, Stockholders, and Suppliers.  Can it be done? YES IT CAN!!