Cubs Manager Earns and Has Respect and Trust of Players – #20

Joe Madden isn’t exactly a worrier, as many fans have noticed through this latest long stretch of games. Towards the end of July, Joe was observing Anthony Rizzo who was undergoing some problems during the earlier part of the year. He was off to a rough start batting in the .230’s as late as July.

As a Manager, when you see an employee who is not having his/her usual performance levels – pour a cup of coffee and greet that employee at the front door – don’t let that person get back to his work area – only to spread the negative vibes and poison to others as they often do.

Madden couldn’t remember whether he asked Anthony to come in to his office, or whether Anthony wandered in on his own. All he knew was the Team leader needed some attitude adjustment, and Anthony was there because things weren’t going so well. Madden tried to reassure Anthony that things are going to get well. He simply gave Anthony a slip and that he would write down what his batting average would be at the end of the year so that he could show them to him then. The he told Anthony to get out there and lead the team. Anthony can’t remember the number or what he did with the slip. Madden won’t disclose what his prediction for Anthony was, but it seems that a little challenge by the Manager is working.

As of 9/18/18, Anthony as Batting .277 – 24 Homeruns – 95 RBI’s – 64 BB. During the months of July and through August 25th, Anthony hit at pace of .328 and solidly kept the Cubs in the pennant race. Joe gave him the slip of paper in early July – what a difference proper management can make! Madden knows that Anthony is good, but how could he get him out of his slump without praising him too much. You have to know your people and what works with whom and when it will work.

Madden has said it’s not uncommon for his players to seek him out. How many of your employees come to you with their problems? If they do, please make sure that they leave with a plan that they will implement, and not leave their problem with you to solve. More to come on this vital subject in a forthcoming BLOG called “Are You Running a Zoo”?

“I feel like a Catholic Priest at times”, Joe said “there’s like this procession coming into my office, talking about all kinds of stuff. I appreciate when they come and talk to me about things. It happens often and it’s a good thing”. Here’s an insight to why The CUBS are 89W – 62L and lead the Central Division by 3-1/2 games as of 9/18/18 – a nice situation to be experiencing after so many years of having losing teams. Build Trust and you will be the Manager/Leader you want to be, one who will be making things happen!! Please root for and support the CUBS!