The importance of clear and transparent communications from the Manager in-charge is so important that one can see what confusion is created, as can be evident in 300 Million U.S. citizens not knowing whether they need to wear a mask as the Memorial Holiday approached. Over the Holiday, 50% of citizens didn’t wear a mask with results taking the form of increased hospitalizations and deaths. What would you do? If you were out in a group of people on the beach, and didn’t distance yourself 6’ from any person, and lastly, hadn’t washed your hands because the facilities around the beach were dirty or you didn’t have any wet wash-cloth type of hand sanitation. You in essence were taking a risk that could result in DEATH. The chances of death are probably very small, but the aggravation of being hospitalized and when you get home you are quarantined for 14 days where you can’t leave your apartment, room etc. in the hospital you are limited to your room and you will undergo the strictest rules regarding COVID-19. Early in January, Dr’s. Fauci and Byrx said that masks have to be worn – a clear directive everybody knew where they stood regarding wearing of masks. On April 1st, these same two Dr’s. indicated that masks serve no purpose and don’t need to be worn.  They created a state of confusion, a state that still exists with more cases being added to the total and a death figure that was growing every day. Can anyone imagine what 50 States directives looked like to a group of millennials or a group of elders? – CONFUSION which resulted in the death toll passing critical points in 2020.

What are some of the reasons for the CONFUSION?

  1. Male Vanity – more men than women agreed that wearing a mask is “shameful, not-cool, a sign of weakness and a stigma”.
  2. The U.S. President not wearing a mask was a big let-down in Leadership – with all the time he was on T.V. he should have worn a mask until he reached the podium – he could have removed or lowered his mask – in addition, his staff adopted the same careless approach. If you are going to lead – you have to be willing to do the same things that you are asking your subjects to do.  The 2nd mistake he made, was to start wearing the mask for his personal gain in May. Why did his staff not correct this action? Many people died as a result of the President not carrying out his responsibilities. Do as I say, and not as I do, was a prevalent message that was being sent.

What do the 150 million losers have to do in order to comply to rules:

  1. Wear a Mask at all times outside your home!
  2. Wash Hands continually!
  3. Keep a distance of 6ft. from closest individual when you are outside your residence!

In order to get the message of the risk-reward of wearing a mask across to your employees, management has to get involved in getting the message out.


The following Management Tool should be used in getting the message to your employees. We need to put these 3 Rules to work – these are Rules of engaging those folks who want to accept communications. Night-after-night we hear about rioting and looting in Chicago and Portland – it has to end – they have to comply with society’s wishes and be accountable.

Is there a problem?


What is the problem?

50% of the people are not wearing MASKS causing confirmed cases of COVID – 19 cases and subsequent deaths to rise. Nobody is accountable to anything.

Who can do something about the problem?

THE PEOPLE – stop crime and other illegal activities – accept accountability for implementing rules that are set by society for society. In BLACK LIVES MATTER – only one word has to be changed (Black has to be changed to All).

What can they do?

They can peacefully march and protest the conditions without letting themselves be hi-jacked by unrelated groups who put a set of different causes in front of them. Start making Democracy work by supporting our laws, no-matter whether they are State or Federal laws. Start valuing human lives whether they are affected by COVID-19 or different viewpoints of social concerns. Get as much Publicity as possible on the subject of LIFE – LIBERTY – JUSTICE. Let’s get on the same page. Setting fines for every violation and actually not arresting people for violations has to be corrected. Lawlessness is a state where people live in fear of tyranny and the MOBS, and yet your continuing to hear about the support of officials, who represent 80% law-abiding citizens, to groups or MOBS representing anarchist views to do away with freedom and replace it with anarchy, socialism, communism.

Notes to support contents of this article:

The true face of this nation wears a mask. Rational measures to combat the pandemic have to be employed, such as rules issued by Local, State and Federal authorities. The rules issued are for the good and safety of everyone, and they make it possible for us to enjoy the pleasure and have access to all 50 States with no travel restrictions. However, the freedom of use is limited to the rules of the open road, and clearly apply to groups of thousands of Bikers who are descending on Sturgis, S.D. as we speak.