Where does the U.S. stand in the race for 6G Technology?  While we put up with a few hundred people burning and rioting in major cities due to a lack of strong leadership. We spend more time discussing closing polls (7PM or 8PM) in those cities facing a 7PM Curfew. Supporting my assertion of ‘lack of leadership’ resulted in keeping the Curfew at 7PM in some STATES and Polls open until 8PM – what confusion?  What is a voting – citizen supposed to do?  How about Officers being attacked, shot and ridiculed? WTHOUT THEM WE HAVE NOTHING! ENFORCE CURFEWS AND SEPARATE RIOTERS FROM PROTESTERS. WHAT HAPPENED TO COVID 19 LAWS THAT WERE ENACTED?

Meanwhile, the Chinese are working fast and furiously on 6G development way ahead of the U.S. who is still has a long way to go in the development of 5G. The three leading players in China on the 6G development are China Telecom, China Unicom. The Ministry of Science & Technology and Huawei. The latter creating the base for stealing patents, ideas and various research tools from Universities and numerous large manufacturers.

Most of the information in this blog was being adapted from January’s article on the subject “China Racing Towards 6G Leadership”, versus the U.S. appearing in The Global Edition of the China Daily. I haven’t heard about 6G progress about the technology in our press.

No doubt, the Chinese are running into trouble with their research because Terahertz signals move in a band of 3-300 of the spectrum. They are a lot higher than 5G and operate on millimeters. This causes challenges, but the fact of penetrating objects is already being addressed through installation of indoor and outdoor cellular equipment (more expensive). They are finding out that Space-Bound equipment can’ t communicate as effectively with 6G. Also, their research reveals the fact that 6G might interfere with Astronomical observation capabilities.

This research advantage that China is enjoying, will end soon. However, current events will set all actions back by ten to twenty years in key areas. In addition to limitations previously mentioned, requirements such as integrated areas of space, air, ground and sea communications will be delayed due to confusion of the world.

We need to stop the anarchists who are trying to eliminate the United States from being in the race for a Leadership position. I feel that Russia, Europe, China and India will become stronger and we keep losing ground. Let’s star worrying about – the citizen – “me “- instead of the politics that keep current leaders.

Management Lesson:

Please get very familiar with 5&6G – at least 5G because it is a technology that is here NOW. We should make every effort to understand 6G because it will be here shortly. Let’s stop China from another freebie in 6G technology.