Can You Trust Anyone? How About the Catholic Church? – #19

Trust has to be earned by management. If trust does not exist in the Church, Government, at Work and amongst Friends, and most importantly Customers as it pertains to business, where can a person turn to. Amongst the biggest loss of trust in Management has happened at the Catholic Church who for nearly 100 years covered-up sexual crimes committed by Priests, Bishops, Cardinals and even the Pope.

My personal recollection of Pope John II visit to Chicago years ago in the 70’s led me to start asking questions about the truth factor. During the Pope’s visit he had a meeting with 300+ priests who had a very large concern for which they needed an answer – they simply wanted to not be celibate – as the priests had been allowed to get married earlier in the history of the Church. The “Pope” simply said “NO” and closed any further discussions on the subject. Why would this human need to be married and have children be unacceptable to the Management in the Catholic Church, and discussions dismissed without even setting up a committee to investigate etc.? Many of my friends were Priests and they had a choice – stay as Priests or leave the love and dedication they had made to the Catholic Church. Most of them stayed on, but from that day on had limited Trust in their Management. As far as I know, most of them are doing an outstanding job, but sad to say that many of the Priests found this profession to be natural place to exercise their pedophiliac and sexual experiences amongst young and older children of both sexes. At the turn of the century the Catholic Church had identified 700+ priests, and acknowledged that these folks had committed crimes which were in line of breaking the law and punishable by jail sentences. To my knowledge, few if any were convicted – instead they were transferred out to other Parishes or Management positions within the Church and allowed to continue their hideous crimes.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh said it over-and – over again during his recent U.S. Senate confirmation hearings – nobody is above the law – yet the majority of the Priests had committed a crime which Management knew about but selected to disregard the information. Check on the Gellie family in Pennsylvania who showed seven of their family members (all females) who had been abused sexually for years, and who answered questions on Fox Cable news 9/10/18. Earlier, I discussed a total 700+ Priests at the turn of the Century, only to find out that the State of Pennsylvania alone had over 1000 guilty Priests. They were covered–up by management, and is too bad that they didn’t serve any jail time with many of them dying and in some cases have passed the required time for statue of limitations which should be changed for these type of crimes. You can’t have Management covering-up for the time needed by the statue of limitations laws only to have the criminals continue to commit their hideous crimes.

Besides revealing some 700+ cases of sexual abuse sixteen years ago, there is a dossier which outlines the facts of Pope Benedict XVI ordering Cardinal McCarrick of Washington D.C. to leave the seminary where he was living, dedicate himself to private penance, and avoid public life in Church – this happened in 2009-10. In other words this was a way to get Cardinal McCarrick out of Washington without a lengthy trial and possible jail time. This is the Management of the Vatican’s way of taking care of the “good old boys”. While the Pope had given the Cardinal direct orders to work on creating a low profile, these orders were not enforced. One has to remember that a strong characteristic of Top Management is to consider one-self above the law, any orders affecting them directly, and to only care about themselves with no indication of caring about other folks such as Church employees or Customers. In the meantime, the well connected Cardinal McCarrick defied his sanctions Openly with friends and curie looking the other way. The Cardinal continued to celebrate masses in public, even at the Vatican, and actually appeared at events with Pope Benedict.

Question: If the Cardinal was innocent of the charges against him, do you believe he would have resigned from the College of Cardinals? He represented the first Cardinal to resign from his position in nearly a century, and you have to wonder how many Top Management people in the Church are guilty with Cardinal McCarrick having all that knowledge – no wonder the Cardinal is just avoiding all the sanctions his previous bosses ordered . Will he ever share his knowledge?

The Catholic Church has the “good old Boy” network really working – “It Starts and Ends With Management” the only people that Management cares for is themselves. The higher up-the-ladder you go, the more greedy people become in terms of power and money.

Cardinal McCarrick’s successor in D.C., Cardinal Donald Wuert denies knowing anything about his predecessors immorality and criminality – how could he have not known?

Did Archbishop Vigano meet with Pope Francis on June 23rd, 2013 – in this meeting Archbishop disclosed to the Pope the McCarrick dossier which detailed large and great sexual offenses. The Pope knew of the dossier, and he must have, he asked McCarrick to resign and work on maintaining a low profile. If the Pope Knew and simply decided to give Cardinal McCarrick the “good-old-boy” treatment in allowing him to represent the Church Worldwide for five years after he was supposed to have resigned, I will add the Pope to my list of folks whose futures are questionable.

The Pope can take the first step immediately and release all documents which deal with sexual abuse and Top Management’s in-fighting and disloyalty from worldwide offices and key locations. If he did that, it would be great. By the same logic, also release all document and facts regarding the Churches’ NUNS. The transparency would reveal some interesting information. The members of the Catholic Religion should demand transparency on the Vatican’s “good-old-boy&girl” networks – it won’t happen – however, we will be keeping an eye on the Catholic Church. As I write this Blog, Cardinal Wuert resigned from his position as Bishop of Wasington D.C.. Maybe the walls are starting to come down and the cleansing has begun.

As a Protestant – Catholic Church goer, I would like to make the following observations and hope they form messages to Top Management in the Catholic Church – Priests, Cardinals, Bishops and all Managers at the Vatican to include the “Pope”:

  • Current generations of Catholics’ (importance of Demographics) no longer represent quiescent, passive laity, who interrogate nothing and who are obedient in a deferential and unquestioning way. The cause for This cultural change include the fact that formal education and an economic boon has shaped the country and the world. Younger people increasingly are identifying with no religion at all.
  • The abuse scandal being covered-up by the Management Group at all levels in the Catholic Church is totally unacceptable and the loss in Trust is widespread. Without Trust it is difficult to Manage, all one has to do is look at the coverups, infighting, lies being told, disloyalty and total decrease in attendance at normally scheduled Church events Catholic Church. The scandals have been, are, and will be there for years to come. They have done an enormous amount of damage to the parishioners who have suffered from the abuses for all these years – these folks are just starting to be recognized as the true victims. All the efforts have been focused on the abusers – yet a minimal amount of attention has been focused on the victims who had to go through the channels of the Catholic Church payoffs and subscribe to statements of secrecy in order to receive these payments.
  • Pope Francis: You need to publicly admit that the Catholic Church is guilty of directing the cover-up of the sexual abuses that have taken place in not all, but the majority of Churches. Guarantee transparency through disclosure of all related documents at all levels. Outright fire or get rid of all guilty personnel immediately (Include Yourself if Necessary) – that might mean that there will be a large number of Managers gone, and you might not have enough people to run your Church – replace the first batch and the rest will start falling in-line. To the Managers that are not guilty challenge them to work hard to get the Church back to playing the role it should be playing. You have to use the latest Marketing knowledge to build strength, accountability and trust in the Church. Should you not take these steps to uncover the truth and become transparent, YOU will be forfeiting your moral authority. You will be asked to resign.
  • To the Parishioners/Members/Church Goers/Employees: This by any measurement is a CRISIS in large numbers, but Not of the FAITH. While the Catholic Management Team is rebuilding YOUR trust in them, let’s refocus on a basis of faith which is trust in Jesus Christ. Become accountable for what’s right and get involved. Why do You want to join the ranks of thousands of timid and violated people. The wolves are out there every day trying to take your dignity and trying to form packs that will insure their wealth, but who could care less about anyone else. Suspect everyone, but don’t accuse, and above all trust nobody but God!! Let people earn your TRUST. Get some back-bone, raise your kids to become good citizens, and to be accountable. You live in the U.S., the greatest country in the world, and you are free to speak, worship and above all “YOU are FREE to do the right thing”.