Can You Trust Anyone? Catholic Church? – #30

Pope Francis obviously didn’t read BLOG #20 where I indicated that his future as the Pope was questionable. His most recent actions indicate that the Vatican doesn’t place the same value on speed and openness with its Customers that the U.S. episcopate does.

The one management fact that becomes very identifiable is the lack of accountability among the Bishops – they recommended a set of practical fixes that the Pope denied and forbade – but the American Bishops are now faced with a tough if not an impossible situation – represent their U.S. followers or adhere to the authority of Rome. For the last 15 years nothing has been done about the serial sexual predators that have operated in an environment where under Catholic law, Bishops can’t discipline each other without Vatican intervention. This enables them to cover up abuse in their own jurisdictions, and gives them an excuse to keep quiet about others committing abuses.

Let’s use our four key management questions to address this problem:

  1. Is there a problem?
    Yes – The Catholic Bishops were hoping that the problem would go away after 15 years! However, it didn’t go away – the continued rise and existence of a dismissed Archbishop Theodore McCarrick and the Pennsylvania grand-jury report that unveiled sex crime accusations against more than 300 priests. The lack of trust in the Catholic church- declining members has become very evident – as population trends shift.
  2. What is the problem?
    The lack of transparency and accountability across jurisdictions. This was and is the problem.
  3. Who can do something about it
    The Pope & Bishops (Management).
  4. What can they do?
    Institute laws and protocols that make it a crime punishable by State not Church laws which don’t exist in many cases. Extend Zero-Tolerance policy adopted in 2002 for priests to Bishops and all Management – make sure that the policy is enforced as a crime whenever or wherever it is reported.

I would recommend that the Pope act immediately instead of waiting for a February meeting of Bishops.

For the last 15 years, I have been raising questions wherever I go, only to find the Catholics or any other religious observers treat the matter as if it didn’t exist. Instead, they still go on doing whatever they have been doing with a blindness against the horrific crimes that these certain individuals have, are and will perform on our youth etc..

If the same pattern of behavior is allowed to occur in whatever religious setting, then I will become a strong backer of suspending the non-profit tax privileges for religious organizations for such a period of time as necessary to correct the deviation. This will require a strong stand by individuals like me, and above all it will require your support!! We also have to change the following: Pope Francis recently stated that the Catholic Church is being persecuted through accusations. He warns that we have to take a stand against the “Great Accuser,” or the “devil”, who is accusing us strongly, and this accusation becomes “persecution, and who seeks to “soil the church.” On October 27th, the Pope said the following; “This is the moment to defend our mother,” these remarks bring little if any relief to the victims who are not mentioned in these words.

Is it any wonder that most people feel that the Pope has failed to recognize the hierarchy’s responsibility for the abuse crisis. He goes on to say, “The accuser is attacking our mother through us, and no one touches our mother.” The bishops from around the world received those remarks along with a delay in the decision on the US Bishops recommendation until February. After one month of meetings, a report (60 Pages) was issued. Only two paragraphs in the entire document addressed the issue of sexual abuse calling for rigorous measures of prevention. The Pope lay much of the blame on an excessive deference to the church’s hierarchy (Management).

My observation provides for a simple solution – put the Bishops in charge – and provide a trial for the 300+ priests with maximum jail sentences or fines.

I am the last person to implement a plan that suspends non-profit status of the Church for tax purposes. However, if that gets the change we need and the permanent fix in place, I would implement the non-profit status as of the first of the year. All I want is the ability to have one place of trust, that being the church and it’s management structure. We simply can’t afford another 15 years of sweeping sexual-assault crimes under some rug. We clearly identified the problem – let’s start corrective action immediately – just the threat of non-profit tax status will result In immediate action. Also, enforcing Zero-Tolerance for the priests plus extending it to the Bishops will also get action.

I am sure that a lot of questions will be raised by this Blog. Please get some questions to us, so that we can maximize the communication capabilities of the BLOG.