Ask these Four Critical Questions – #2

The need to have an organized approach in place when faced with a challenging situation will result in having the right answers to these FOUR QUESTIONS – you might look at these questions as too simple and not reflecting the management challenges you are facing, however, don’t judge until you have put them to the test.

IS THERE A PROBLEM?: Make sure you are dealing with the right problem!

WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?: The challenge starts with clearly identifying the problem

WHO CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?: Very important – right solution a must

WHAT CAN THEY DO?: Right solution a must

Recently, for 60+ days we watched oil gushing out of a pipe located in the GULF on the lower right or left corner of our TV screens. The broken pipe was owned by BP OIL and the result of an off-shore oil-rig explosion. BP OIL obviously had no contingency plan in place, but during this 60+ day period the media companies kept hyping ideas, and we were all facing a major disaster to the fishing industry-the eco system- and people were open to diseases through water being polluted. During this period we had to watch our TV’s 24/7 showing of the oil gushing.

Had the above four questions been asked, BP oil might have come up with a solution sooner due to having a specific focus. We knew there was a problem and the answers to questions 2-3-4 were the missing ingredients – as it turned out – had BP consulted global sources they might have gotten help and answers from the Dutch who deal with leaks consistently (some they block by sticking a finger in a dyke leak). Addressing and focusing on the last 3 questions would have shown BP as being on top of the situation instead of letting hysteria, greed and green groups create the news. What happened to all the oil in the GULF resulting from the leak?