Prepared & Written by: John Golde & Steven Brown
FATAL ERROR #1 : Refuse To Accept Personal Responsibility

  • Buck Stops Here
  • Performance and Excuses – don’t accept excuses
  • Failure Formula
    People fail in direct proportion to their willingness to accept socially acceptable excuses for failure.
  • Three Unspoken Words
    I Don’t Know
  • Definition of Leadership
    The skill of attaining predetermined objectives with and through the voluntary cooperation and effort of other people.
  • Internalist vs. Externalist

FATAL ERROR #2: Fail To Develop People

  • Can’t Build Organizations On Characters. Build Organizations On Character.
  • Sideline Managing
    See yourself as quarterback not as the coach
  • Activity Trap
    Can’t manage time
    Be a problem solver/not a problem giver

FATAL ERROR #3: Try To Control Results Instead Of Influence Thinking

  • The Successful Person Has Developed The Habit Of Doing The Things Unsuccessful People Do Not Do.
  • Two Key Questions That Leaders Need To Answer
    What are my chances for success?
    Where is the value to me?
    Where is the self-esteem?

FATAL ERROR #4: Join the Wrong Crowd

  • Fatal- Pronoun Disease
    We vs. They
  • Loyalty Means
    Share a common ideal regardless of minor differences; we fight for it, shoulder to shoulder, confident in one another’s good faith, trust, constancy and affection.
  • Promoting Beyond The Confidence Level
    Top sales rep to manager
    Must have right stuff

FATAL ERROR #5: Manage Everyone the Same Way

  • The Management Mantle – avoid forming an joining “good old boy” networks
  • Group Management
    Staff meeting management
  • Management is a one-on-one proposition

FATAL ERROR #6: Forget the Importance Of Profit

  • Without Profit – Disloyal To:
    Stock Holders
  • Everybody Has To Know They Directly Connect To Profitability

FATAL ERROR #7: Concentrate On Problems Rather Than Objectives

  • Avoid One-Answer Mentality
  • Management Is A Thinking Not Doing Job
  • Don’t Ask What Will Happen To Me If I Fail?
  • Creative Manager Asks – How Can I Use This Situation Or Condition To My Advantage?
  • Don’t Ask What Is Wrong With This Person?
  • What Conditions Are Affecting the Meeting and Exceeding Of This Objective?

FATAL ERROR #8: Be a Buddy, Not a Boss

  • You Cannot Be Responsible For People; However, By Necessity, You Must Be Responsible To People
  • To Manage You Cannot Put The Welfare Of Any Individual Above The Welfare Of The Organization

FATAL ERROR #9: Fail To Set Standards

  • Must Have Standards
  • Standards Must Be Respected
    Management can’t say one thing and do another
  • Standards Enable A Manager To Maintain Managerial Equilibrium
  • When All Involved View Standards As A Covenant, A Pledge Of Quality, Pride In The Company Grows Stronger and Stronger

FATAL ERROR #10: Fail To Train Your People

  • Clarify The Job: Job description
    Tells employee what is expected of them
    Tells manager what to expect
  • Management Responsible For:
    Making sure employee know what the job is
    Making sure employee knows how to do the job
    Identify someone or something that is interfering with employees ability to do the job
  • Training Must Be Uniform
    Education – Classroom
    Coaching – On-the-job training

FATAL ERROR #11: Condone Incompetence

  • Avoid Condoning Incompetence
    Need to be loved
    Hope the problem will disappear
    Lack of willingness to confront
  • The Purpose of Confrontation is corrective action
    Use proper leveling techniques
  • How To Confront:
    Point out specific behavior
    Tell them how it makes you feel
    Tell them why you feel that way
    Relate to employee needs, objectives and sense of pride
    Avoid your needs
    Get their opinion
    Agree to what will be done, and when
    Positively reinforce the desired behavior

FATAL ERROR #12: Recognize Only Top Performers

  • Create Winners:
    Set objectives for each person that reflect their position
    Team Building
    Games – Make it fun to work
    Above all: Respect
    Professionals vs. Office Staff

FATAL ERROR #13: Try To Manipulate People

  • Take Attitude Into Account
  • Provide Education And Training
  • Management Is Sales And Prospects Are The People They Manage
  • Know Your People
    Know them individually
  • Before Introducing A Program Or Idea Ask The Following Questions:
    Will that idea build belief in my people?
    Will it build belief, in our products and services?
    Will it build belief in the company?
  • The Leaders Reason For Existing Is:
    Helping people help themselves