12th Week of Isolation – #97

While being isolated to my apartment and our North Garden for twelve weeks, I have had the chance to watch FOX NEWS broadcast the rioting and the peaceful demonstrations. If you watched carefully, you could identify the difference between peaceful protestors and the destructive criminals.

Here’s what I would do: (1) enforce the Curfew and separate the two groups the hours before the curfew – policemen need to act – which translate into – go home – or go to jail (which will result in jail time and a record). (2) Secure all entry points to the city and arrest the individuals who come from other States. That means if a long-haired individual with tattoos all over their bodies with a bag over their shoulders tries to enter your sealed off city, you have to stop that. COVID19 reasoning could be applicable as a reason for isolation for 14 days. Given a choice, this individual could either accept the recommendation for isolation, or turn around, and be escorted to a mode of transportation that this individual could use. (3) Arrest individuals right on the spot, and book them on every law applicable to the situation. (4) Every mode of keeping individuals from enacting any crimes should apply.  Arrests would result in the individual being detained in fenced off areas due to not having jail space.  Very little evidence of law keepers taking active steps against destruction, looting and rioting with adequate evidence of these taking place. We badly need LAW & ORDER to exist and anything that will stop Police etc. introduced by politicians, must have an immediate resolution.

I am sure that I am featuring recommend -actions that can wind up within and amongst thousands of hungry and money-grubbing lawyers, who only care about their survival and not their clients.

Where are the Martin Luther Kings, Jackie Jackson’s or Sharpton’s, and other leaders of any racial group to hold these marches more in line with peaceful protests?  Nowhere to be seen!!  Why?

As you might know, I have lived in Chicago for years, and where we have kids being murdered every weekend in their homes, playgrounds and streets. The number reigns in the hundreds at the end of the year – nothing is being done about that! It has been going for years without the accountability that accrues to the Police Department, The Politicians and the Citizens of Chicago and Cook County.

Chicago is done for! Once a grand city in the Midwest, in which taking action on the initial violation is a must.  I’ll finish this BLOG with a saying that has to be adopted by everyone “Please Let Me Stand – Up”, we all have to support our LAW OFFICERS from the initial moment people break the law by committing shootings, other crimes, and destroying property through looting. We have to maintain the right to protest, but to do so within laws that exist at the time and respect for law-enforcement who was represented by a block captain called Grandma Skowron who’s grandson played first-base for the N.Y. Yankees – she was 86 years old.

She caught me spitting my GUM on the sidewalk and she wacked me on the side of my listening – post. When my Dad came home from work that evening, he wacked me on the other side of my listening-post. To this day, I have never spit gum on the sidewalk. As Block Captain, she had the respect of everyone. She watched children, she knew where all children’s parents worked, and she identified every person who came on the block. When she called the Cops they came in force, for they knew that Grandma needed help! GOD BLESS Grandma Skowron – at 86 years old she “stood-up” to anyone. Laws guarantee the safety and rights of everyone. Make it happen – get rid of criminals in your neighbor-hood!!