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Let’s face facts – there is a double standard that exists in the world of Management resulting in a NO-FAULT SOCIETY represented by a constant avoidance of ACCOUNTABILITY, and the missing recognition of the CUSTOMER as the most important contributor to the success of a business. Somebody has to take a stand on the many management issues we all face in a Global world that is rapidly and constantly changing. It’s not the employee that is responsible – IT STARTS AND ENDS WITH MANAGEMENT!!

The suggested management strategies or methodologies that appear in the BLOG will be a representation of Global Business Leaders using these concepts currently, in the future and in the past. In addition, my inputs will reflect 40+ plus years of Senior Management responsibilities working in large and small multi-national companies. With access to this BLOG you will be able to draw your own conclusions, implement additions and changes, or disagree, The BLOG will help you create an environment of trust and loyalty that reflects your constant improvement as a Manager – our Mission is to make you a more effective Manager and to insure that you generate success for
everyone concerned.

All site visitors will be able to send in questions that relate to each article, and reflect a current or future solution. We may not answer every individual question, but will address all issues and concepts in submitted questions.

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